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tv   Politics Now  CBS  October 23, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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s . the job i currently have, you've got a guy who proves himself unfit for this office every single day. >> president barack obama campaigns in north las vegas for hillary clinton and katherine cortez. we're live at theal >> that's because he'd rather have puppet as president. >> no u puppet. you're the puppet. >> the third and final presidential debate held at unlv is in the book. we'll break it down and find out what a panel of undecided voters had to say about it. >> that's something quite different. that's using the question about the legitimacy as an organizing
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on the debate on trump calling the election rigged. >> president barack obama just wrapped up a rally in north las vegas at cheyenne high school. thanks for joining us. obama's campaigning for hillary clinton and candidate katherine cortez. >> this were people really celebrating his arrival. katherine cortez and hillary clinton also spoke out about donald trump tonight, really taking aim.
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>> competing for the job i currently hold, you got a guy this office every single day, every single way. and on the other side, you've got somebody whoe is as qualifid as has ever run for the presidency, hillary clinton. >> you're trying to replace one of the ever known in harry reid. so you can choose somebody with a proven track record. for standing up for nevada families, katherine cortez masto. >> well, the president also took aim at joe heck this evening. essentially criticizing him for being a puppet for the coke brothers, he also called out heck for waiting too long to rescind his endorsement of donald trump and the president
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take anything for granted here. listen. >> let's face it, you know, nevada's always close. nevada always makes you a little nervous because you kind of don't know what's gonna happen but that's what makes it exciting. >> i was here in nevada in the closing days of both my campaigns. both times you guys came through. i turned over that card and michelle and i thank you from the bottom >> really the basic theme of over today's rally, maybe you can see it, vote early. the president mentioning how voting started yesterday here, early voting, everything wrapping up of course on election day november 8th. reporting live at cheyenne high school. steve, back to you. >> thanks a lot, patrick. that's a hard-working patrick walker out there covering that rally for us. well, thet third and final presidential debate held right
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center went off without a hitch on wednesday. it was the third largest debate television audience ever with a total of 84 million viewers. one of the biggest moments came when hillary clinton and donald trump squared off over vladimir putins and possible russian involvement in the hacking of the clinton campaign emails. >> from everything i see, has no respect for this person. >> that's because he'd rather have a puppet as you're the puppet. >> it's pretty clear, you won't admit. >> no, you're the puppet. >> engaged in cyber attacks against the united states of america, that you encouraged against our people. >> the u.s. government has been accusing russia of carrying out the email hacks that wick' leaks has been posting online as part of efforts to try to interfere in the 2016 election. the debate was filled with attacks and interruptions.
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of the debate when trump said there were, quote, bad ombres, unquote, he would kick out of the country. there was also this exchange over a border wall. >> hillary clinton fought for the wallm in 2006 or there abouts. she neverg gets anything done o naturally the wall wasn't built. >> when it comes to the wall that donald talks about building, he went to mexico. hea mexican president. didn't even raise it. he choked and then got into a twitter wark because the mexican president said we're not paying for that wall. >> most talked-about moment after the debate was probably this exchange with moderator chris wallace in which donald trumpo refused to say whether or not he would even accept the election results. >> she should never have been allowed to run for the presidency based on what she did
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>> sir, there is a tradition in this country in fact one of the primes of this country is the peaceful transition of power and no matter how hard-fought a campaign is, that at the end of the campaign, they would concede to the -- the loser concedes to the winner, and that the country comes together in part for the good of the country. are you saying you're not prepared now to -- >> what i'm saying is that i will tell you at the time. i'll keep new -- suspense. >> after theh debate, trump took to twitter to claim hillary clinton was given the questions ahead of time before the debate. trump lateron said in a separate speech that he would accept the election results but only if he wins. trump's remark got a good deal of attention since it'sed bedrock that the loser concedes to the winner and that the entire country comes together under one president in a peaceful transfer of power.
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thank you l thank unlv, its staff and volunteers for doing a fantastic job hosting the debate and showed the world on wednesday why unlv is one of the top colleges in the division. thanks a lot. >> face the nation host john dickerson spoke about that. >> anya take-aways while you wee out here from the debate well, i guess the biggest take-away is that we are now in homestretch and i think donald trump, by being uncertain about whether he's going to accept the results of the election -- basically did ones more piece of damage to the republicans that
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it's the group the college educated white voters that m.i.t. won and that's a group that was available to donald trump, and i think by questioning the election and dust-up over, that that's another thing for those voters to tonight exacerbate the idea that he might be too risky for president. i think he did plenty of good things for his base but his base is kind of with him. so we're into the homestretch here and it's basically the trump base versus whoever hillary clinton can turn >> will this notion of the rigged election and using that term and as you mentioned the hesitance to even answer the question whether or not he would concede the victory, that divisiveness, what does that say about what we're seeing here going forward the potential landscape that we're seeing, that we're now talking about terms of, well, this could be a rigged election, at least if you're on the donald trump side of things. >> the thing is what donald trump is talking about from
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2000 where there was a. at the end of the election it was quite close. there was a situation in florida and al gore decided to go ahead with the process and have a recount and legal proceedings related to that. that's after the affect. when there's evidence of a close election and a recount and systems in place to deal with something like that, what donald trump is talking about is something before the election, talking about and using the notion of a rigged election saying it's being stolen from his whipping up enthusiasm among his supporters and encouraging them to go be poll watchers in what he calls certain communities, mostly cities, that he's named where there's a large african-american population, where he's encouraging his voters to be energized not just to vote but to go into those communities and watch the polls, that's something quite different. that's using the question about the votes legitimacy as an organizing tool.
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some people find that pretty dangerous. it's messing around with the idea that -- there are obviously irregularities in elections but when you sayth stolen, that's suggesting a level of irregularity and conspiracy that goes beyond the facts and the question is what happens. did donald trump give license to some of his supporters to take matters into their own hands? and what might that lead to? and that's what has people worried. >> you can watch face the natin every sunday morning a a.m.' right here on 8 news now and you can watch more of patrick's conversation with john dickerson on las vegas including the discussion how to balance the power in the senate looks like it might change. coming up next, were undecided voters swayed by the final debate? i don't think there's gonna be much change in thei polling basd on what we saw here. >> after the break, we'll hear what a panel of indecided voters orchestrated by cbs news
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strategist frank lunts said about the debate.
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well, cbs news contributor and republican strategist frank luntz invited 26 undecided registered voters in nevada to take part in al focus group at the presidential debate. five of them said they leaned toward hillary clinton, five others leaned towards donald trump. 15 of them had no preference before the debate. either candidate. let's see what they thought. the people at home, which candidate's performance tonight had the biggest impact on your vote, 3, 2, 1... hillary. >> donald! >> and it was ae tie. and that was just -- i want to illustrate this, i want you to describe donald trump's performance tonight. >> struggled. >> blow-hard. >> inadequate.
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described hillary clinton tonight. >> presidential. >> confident. >> snooze fest. >> criminal. >> more believable. >> politician. >> so did this debate help decide for anyone how they'll vote? i don't think there's gonna be much change in the polling based on what we saw here. those who are leaning towards trump or considered him moving in that direction, the same thing with hillary clinton. they've seen it all. they've heard it all, and they don't like either candidate. ths these uncommitted voters, that they simply don't like either candidate and they're forced to choose the lesser of two evils. >> lunz said the debate was a tie, and his take-away was those who liked clinton saw her as presidential. those who thought trump won, saw him as the candidate who would bring change to washington d.c. early vote something nown underway. it started yesterday with long lines anded a record-turn-out here in clark county. early voting runs until
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around the county. this year, clark county past the 1 millionth registered voter mark for the very first time. and since 2000, more voters here have voted early than they've actually voted on election day, which is november 8 in the year. we have links on las vegas where you can find out where all those sites are. where the.. accusations of sexual assault against donald trump coming from? up next, our face-off panel debates who's behind him and what does that and patrick breaks down the money behind the ballot initiative. you'll be seeing it on your ballot this year.
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women make sexual assault accusations have taken center stage in this election. our face-off panel tackled that issue this week, from the left battle born progress executive
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the right wxnt radio host donald stock. >> is donald trump at a point where he needs to be concerned? >> interesting you say, that because i do follow polls every day, as most of us do. and hillary was ahead about five, six days ago. and rightd, after the debate, i noticed that rasmussen had one or two, l.a. times, usc, one or two points, and all of a sudden he has now sprung back into the lead when all of ts bologna stuff about women coming forward saying he tried kissing them and stuff like that, all these lies that are coming out, now they've begun to subside. >> there was another one this morning. >> there will be more october surprise inside women who arenm lying for the sake of either -- >> why are they lying, alan? what proof do you have that they're lying? >> what proof do you have that they're telling the truth? when a sexual assault woman who comes forward, do you automatically assume she's lying
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>> and hillary clinton believes that the women who made the accusation against her rapist husband, bill clinton, she says they're lying, they're trance, orange, and trailer trash, and yet you believe all these women from the democratic party -- >> all i'm saying is why are they automatically liars, alan? why are these women automaticallyo liars, just because they're saying something your candidate doesn't want them to say? why are the women that have accusations against bill clintol are your candidate, who's supposed to be for women and believing them, has come out and made misbeat of these women. she oughta be ashamed of himself. >> no, your candidate should be ashamed of himself for even saying out of his own in he mouth that he grabbed women by their vaginas. that is disgusting. >> he didn't say he did it. >> doesn't matter. he said i grab women by their vaginas, and i won't even say
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billy bush. >> that's even worse. if you're willing to say that in private, that's what you really believe. >> there's no proof that he did it. >> except for 10 women that are now, coming forward. >> being paid for by the democratico party. >> that is where i was going to go next, the accusations from donald trump on stage last night he pointed at hillary clinton saying they're coming from her campaign. >> correct. right. >> you believe that? i believe that that's coming from there. i that i everything that comes out about him -- listen, his taxes, all of a sudden, there's a plain brown envelope that comes with his taxes from all these years ago showing that he declared a bankruptcy of almost a billion dollars. >> maybe he should just release that and then we don't have to worry about it. >> it came at a private -- well, interestingly enough, what happened was illegal because somebody hacked and then went ahead and september these figures to the media, i think it was nbc, i believe, and -- >> so hacking people's emails
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taxes are? it's all illegal. but i want to also say that the information on his taxes are illegal. >> yes, he doesn't pay taxes, you're right, it is illegal. >> he had one woman after the other coming forward. i saw the woman who was wearing all red, they call her all read for a reason, a communist color. gloria allred in that particular conference that they had, i saw her out there. she never looked at the camera and it was this kind of a thing. oh, oh me. this is a garb type of a scene. no, i don't believe her. i think she was paid well by the democratic party. >> when a mogul is touching you inappropriately, i'm sorry, if i were 20 years old and somebody touched me like, that i probably wouldn't come forward either because that's a scary thing for a victim of sexual assault to actually do. especially when a man is in power like that. that is a problem, alan. and for you to sit here and mock them is a problem.
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>> well, we very much more of annette and alan's debate breakdown including how the candidates did on immigration, on las vegas now, here's patrick with a segment on the race now that we taped earlier in the week. >> it's time for the race now where we recap the other big local stories happening this week. this one is all about money. let's start with the expensive battle being waged over gun background checks. e in favor has raised more than $13 million in the last three months, all of it from new york mayor michael bloomberg and his group. on the other side, the nevada nra raised $4.5 million to fight it. recent polls have shown voters are in favor of passing it. and the anti-recreational marijuana focus got a catch confusion from billionaire adelson, he put $2 million up to
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ballots in other states, mgm, south point and boyd have also made much smaller donations to the cause. supporting legislation has raised about $1.8 million in the last four months. question 3, the effort to break up mg energy's monopoly and open up the market has some big backing from casinos, as well. addleson's las vegas has kicked in $250,000 and switch added another $1.5 million. the casino companies have tried to exit fees. a new proponent has emerged, the electrical workers union and cio raising about $335,000 to fight the measure. recent polls have showed large pickup support for question 3. thanks, patrick. that's quite amazing, nearly $20 million spent on that gun initiative. well, nevada voters aree already hitting the polls. when we will have an idea of the direction the election is headed
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>> throughout the debate, somehow trump found time to tweet repeatedly. it was pretty surprising, but at least we know where his hands were. so the two of them -- boo! [ applause ] >> that was steven cobair from the late show. you can see that right here on 8 news now every night at 11:30. and now for what and we tell you what to keep an eye on for next week. >> reporter: the first array of early voting totals will be in nextt week. we don't know for whom people voted but we will know how many members of the each political party voted and that's a good gauge. early voting last for two weeks. and 8 news now is commissioning another poll on the race here in las vegas. we'll have aan good idea about w
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congressional races here in the final weeks before election day. so we'll be looking forward to the results of that poll and also talking about -- a little bit more about those races coming up next. well, thanks for watching politics now. if you have questions, comments or suggestions for us, you can email us at and remember, we are your local election headquarters for the next year. you can stay up to date online here on 8 news now. don't forget, look on our web site, las vegas under sections to find your local election headquarters. you'll find everything politics right there. thanks again for watching.
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>> quijano: a horrific crash in the california desert. the death toll rises after a tour bus slams into a truck on a busy interstate. we're at the scene. also tonight new cbs battleground tracker polls with surpri r flood victims in north carolina face major challenges as early voting begins. national guard troops who served in iraq and afghanistan reportedly ordered to repay their enlistment bonuses. and the the at&t time warner mega deal. >> is the deal good for consumers? or is it dangerous to let one company control both the wires of communication and what the


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